Please contact us with this form by briefly describing your investment proposal and its suitability against our investment criteria. The information given here will provide us a basic understanding of your funding needs and create a background for the further discussions.

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More information about the Climate Fund investment criteria at the Climate Fund's website.

For example, investment target is different from the organisation if the target is a project company owned by multiple organizations.
If different from organisation description.
Please give your answer in euros (e.g. 12 Million euros filled in format 12 000 000).
Please give your answer in euros (e.g. 12 Million euros filled in format 12 000 000).
Please describe the status of your funding negotiation (with e.g. banks, investors, EU funding, other public funding).
Please give the date at quarter accuracy: Q1=01.01.YYYY, Q2=01.04.YYYY, Q3=01.07.YYYY, Q4=01.10.YYYY.
Please describe the development of the investment proposal’s business during the next years. When is the break-even expected to be achieved if not achieved yet? What is the revenue forecast for this year and after three years?
Why is the Climate Fund funding important for the investment proposal?
The Climate Fund’s investment must bring a verifiable added value as part of the total funding, e.g. enabling the project to be realised earlier or on a larger scale than without Climate Fund funding.
Is the action of the investment proposal aligned with the EU Do No Significant Harm principle? More about DNSH from the Climate Fund’s website.
Please use the following format +358 40 1234 567.
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