Startups with the following metrics will attract the most interest from our team:

  1. $500k+ net ARR on US/European market (with incorporated US entity)
  2. Annual revenue growth: 300% & higher
  3. Valuation CAP: max $25 Mln
  4. Tech focus: IT B2B/B2C SaaS, (Productivity Software, Financial Services, Sales & Marketing, Media & Information Services)
  5. Not interested in: Pharma, bio\medtech, crypto, hardware, projects related to alcohol, tobacco, legalized drugs, adult industry, gambling, weapons or non IT
  6. Stage: Seed, pre-series A (no bridge rounds)
  7. Company: no more than 3 years old
  8. Team: Core expertise in the area, serial entrepreneurs
  9. Ambition: Grow to $100M ARR in 6-7 years
  10. Funds average investment check: up to $250k in the first round; up to $500k follow on.

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