We invest in Global Scaling of Nordic Growth SMEs with Solutions to Climate Change & Sustainable Urban Development.

Our focus is in three Sectors and their twelve Industrial Verticals: 1) Bioeconomy (Agritech, Food Tech, Forestry, Raw Materials), 2) Cleantech (Energy, Recycling, Infra, Smart Materials) and 3) Digitalisation (Smart Infra, Education, Healthcare & Transport) We are looking for companies with: 1) Solid Turnover 1+ M € per Year, 2) Solution to Climate change and/or Sustainable Urban Development, 3) Globally Scalable Business, 4) Growth from Sustainability Megatrends We invest in Growth & Scale-Up: 1) Focus on Series A & B Rounds 2) Investment in Phases from 0.5 - 5 M € 3) Mostly minority ownership investments 4) Two Board Seats (Manager, Industry Professional) 5) Lead Investor w/ Syndication We ensure value added to companies 1. New Growth Strategy / Good to Great 2. Global Scaling & Branding for Growth/Returns 3. Sustainability, ESG & EU SFDR Drive Business But now, please tell us more about your company - we are interested to hear.

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